Allied, partners practice air policing scenarios over Baltic Sea

Exercise Ramstein Alloy 21-1 is aimed to sharpen and hone skills used in Baltic Air Policing (BAP) efforts. This iteration will include Italy, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and partners including Finland and Sweden.

The exercise will cover two days of training practicing real-world scenarios faced by personnel deployed in support of BAP. The scenarios covered will be a slow-moving intercept of an AN-2 and civilian communication loss with escort. Focus on other areas such as a simulated crew ejection with activation of the Search and Rescue chain, air-to-air combat training, air-to-air refueling and others will occur in the later iterations.

It is important to consistently drill and practice procedures and coordination processes among Allies and partners.

Baltic Air Policing Eurofighters carry out joint training drills with NATO partner Finland’s F/A-18s. Archive photo from Allied Air Command