America Recycles Day 2005
Servicemembers should learn proper way of recycling

“America Recycles Day” is Tuesday. Servicemem-bers should use the day
to ensure recycling awareness at homes and offices. Recycling is
mandatory per German law and Air Force Instruction, but more
importantly, it’s the right thing to do. The success of the recycling
program depends on everyone.

The U-Fix-It stores provide housing residence with free recycling bags
for light fraction (plastics, metals, milk cartons, Styrofoam and wax
paper) and paper and with biodegradable bags for fall leaves. In
addition, the self help stores provide recycle bins for offices.
Off-base residents can get their recycling bags and bins from their
landlords or local Rathaus (town hall.)

Off-base residents are not allowed to dispose of their waste in base
housing recycle/waste bins.  These bins are sized according to
each housing complex and simply cannot support additional waste. 
Placing waste beside the bin is littering.

Servicemembers can utilize their local refuse and recycling system in
their village. KMC recycling centers can only be used for excess
materials. The three Air Force recycling centers accept all materials
including residual waste, yard waste, recyclables, batteries, household
hazardous waste (batteries, paints, pesticides and oil), electronic
items, scrap metal and bulk refuse. The recycling centers cannot accept
any hazardous waste from any source other than private households. The
recycling centers are located at Ramstein, across from Burger King;
Sembach Annex, below the U.S. Post Office; and at Kapaun Air Station
across from vehicle registration.  

Suggestions for a household recycle program: Ask for paper bags at the
grocery store and use them to segregate recyclables as light fraction
paper/cardboard, and glass.  

Electronic items and hazardous waste must be disposed of separately at the base recycling center.

Keep a schedule for taking the recyclables to the curb or recycling
center. The longer recyclables sit around and accumulate, the more
likely they are viewed as “smelly garbage.”

Family education is key. Each member should know what is recyclable,
how to segregate it and where recyclables are disposed. 

For more information, call the Ramstein Environmental Office at 480-5086.