Anthrax update

Courtesy of the 435th Medical Group

Ramstein has implemented the Anthrax Vaccination Immunization Program in accordance with the March 20 U.S. Air Forces in Europe message directing full implementation of the revised AVIP.

Anthrax immunizations are required for select individuals: servicemembers, emergency-essential and equivalent Department of Defense civilian employees, and DOD contractors carrying out mission-essential services that are currently or will be spending 15 or more consecutive days in high threat areas, primarily the central command area of responsibility or Korean Peninsula. These individuals will have the anthrax vaccination requirement noted during their respective out-processing.

Every effort must be made to provide at least three doses prior to deployment or arrival to high threat areas to ensure adequate immune response protection. Personnel listed above may begin immunization up to 60 days before deployment or arrival.

All installation personnel must receive education on the AVIP. The primary resource is For Ramstein-specific AVIP information, contact Public Health at 479-2246.