Applications due for free lunch program

Each year the U.S. Department of Agriculture promotes the National School Lunch Program, which provides for free or reduced price lunches to families with school-age children.
This program is available to all members of the KMC who meet the established USDA eligibility criteria.
Research has shown a link between adequate nutrition and behavior and the ability to learn. When a child receives a well-balanced meal, there is a marked improvement in student attitudes and learning patterns. Also, day-to-day participation in the lunch program develops good food habits, which will help insure an adequate and balanced diet and promote healthy eating habits into adulthood.
The USDA’s School Lunch program is funded through federal, state and local support. The price of the meal is within the ability of most families to pay. However, by federal regulation, families who are unable to pay the full price of a meal must be provided a lunch free of charge or at a reduced price.
Additionally, no distinction will be made between students participating in the free or reduced-price meal program and those paying full price for meal coupons.
Eligibility is based on total family size and income — therefore, all family income must be reported. The total family income and the total number of members in the household are compared to the rate chart furnished by the USDA to determine eligibility.
The USDA Free/Reduced-Price Lunch Program eligibility criterion, for the new school year 2004 to 2005, is now available through the School Liaison Office. Appli-cations are available at Bldg. 2786, Room 218, Kapaun Air Station or at any school.
A current copy of the sponsor’s leave and earnings statement and any other pay statements received by family members is required.
For more information, call the SLO at 489-6771/7205 or 0631-536-6771/7205.
(Courtesy of the KMC School Liaison Office)