April is DOD Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Courtesy of the Ramstein SARC office

This April, the Department of Defense takes a concerted stand against sexual assault as it observes Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

This annual event provides an opportunity to increase knowledge and promote prevention of this crime through special events and public education.
This year’s theme is “Stand Up Against Sexual Assault…Make a Difference,” which encompasses a strong attitude toward the prevention of this violent crime.

This theme helps serve as a reminder that each of us – leaders, peers and subordinates – can make a difference through our actions, or through a lack of action, which exacerbates the crime.

DOD policies address sexual assault prevention, seeking to establish a climate of confidence in which: 

• Education and training create an environment in which sexual assault and the attitudes that promote it are not tolerated
• Victims of sexual assault receive the care and support they need
• Offenders are held accountable for their actions

Take an active stand in learning more about sexual assault and its prevention by participating in local SAAM events during the month of April.

Your efforts could have a long-term effect on one of your fellow servicemembers. Prevention is the key. Make a difference.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Capt. Patricia Shelly or Capt. Avis Resch, KMC Air Force sexual assault response coordinators, at 480-7272 (480-SARC) or 06371-47-7272.