Are you running your vehicle’s engine

The Weilerbach Union Community Administration Office is currently receiving an increased number of complaints from residents who feel disturbed by the unnecessary warm-up of engines of motor vehicles.

The Office of Public Order would like to stress the provisions of the State Immission Law as well as the Road Traffic Regulation.

According to paragraph 5 of the State Immission Law, residents are to refrain from producing all avoidable noise and air pollution that might bother another person. It is especially forbidden to unnecessarily run noise and exhaust-producing motors, or to run them unnecessarily loud.

In this context, the Office of Public Order points out paragraph 30, section 1 of the Road Traffic Regulation, which forbids the unnecessary running of motors and the ensuing noise pollution as well. Officials are asking residents to take this into consideration in the future for the sake of good neighborly relations and environmental protection. (Courtesy of the Weilerbach Union Community Administration)

Editor’s Note: According to the Department of Public Works Environmental Office, leaving a vehicle idling for more than 30 seconds is against host nation law and also applies on all military installations.

Motorists are violating force protection laws when leaving the car idling and unattended. Both laws apply on and off military installations and they apply to