Army conference takes input seriously

Lt. Col. Erik O. Daiga
415th Base Support Battalion commander

***image1***•The Military Thrift Savings Plan
•TRICARE for Life
•NAF employees’ children authorized to attend DODDS schools
•High School Senior Stabil-ization program
What do these Army programs and policies have in common? They all originated as “good ideas” at an Army Family Action Plan conference in a community just like ours.
At the Vogelweh Armstrong‘s Club Oct. 19 and 20, residents of the KMC will again have the opportunity to improve the quality of life in our community and in our Army.
The AFAP process began in 1983 as a way for Army communities to raise their issues to senior Army leadership. During the past 20 years, AFAP has raised over 500 issues at the national level, resulting in 82 changes to legislation, 130 re-vised Depart-ment of Defense and Department of the Army policies, and 140 improved programs or services.
During my first weeks as your base support battalion commander, I’ve heard many great suggestions on how we can make our community better. Although I’ve done my best to get out of the office and meet as many residents as I can, I know I haven’t even uncovered the tip of the “good idea” iceberg.
The upcoming AFAP conference is an opportunity to bring your ideas and suggestions to one central location at one time. I promise you that I will review every recommendation.
Those recommendations that the 415th BSB can implement locally will be done as soon as possible; those that can’t will be forwarded to our area support group in Heidelberg.
The 26th ASG will then conduct their own AFAP conference later in the year, followed by U.S. Army Europe and Department of the Army conferences. The bottom line is that your good ideas will be heard.
I invite every member of our joint community – Army, Air Force, civilian employee, family member — to attend.
In order to ensure all seven of our focus groups — health and dental care, community support, child and youth services, housing and public works, consumer services, soldier support, DOD/DA civilian support — are properly represented, we ask that you to sign up now. Call the 415th BSB AFAP coordinator at 489-7521 to register for the conference.
Working together, we can continue making the KMC the best place to live and work in Europe.