Attitude is everything

Maj. Joe Engelbrecht
Defense Force Commander

***image1***ALI AIR BASE, Iraq – How do you view difficult situations? If you sit
back and think about it, there is always at least three ways to look at
almost any difficulty: as a problem, a challenge or an opportunity.

I often ask my leaders to, at a minimum, approach any task as a challenge that can be overcome.

Less experienced Airmen look to their leaders not only for know-how but
also for the proper attitude. If the person leading approaches
difficulties with a view toward challenges to be met and overcome, or
as an opportunity to learn and improve, stress and anxiety will be
eliminated and everybody involved will grow. When individuals grow the
unit and mission also improve.

The best leaders will always strive to look at every situation as an
opportunity. It may be an opportunity to improve the capabilities of
the individual, team or unit. Some call it “life experience,” some call
it tools for your toolbox, but in all cases, your attitude will affect
your approach and impact the end result.

The same task, which some see as a problem, could very well be an
opportunity to forge mutually beneficial relationships, to learn about
other aspects of the mission, and to have others better understand and
appreciate what you do. Every Airman is important, but this
organization is all about the team. Your teammates are counting on you,
just as you count on them.

You will always be faced with difficult situations, especially here in
the combat zone. Some events will be beyond your control, but you
control your attitude.
Attitude is everything. Attitude is infectious.