Auf Wiedersehen Kaiserslautern Military Community!

by Staff Sergeant Jimmie D. Pike
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office

Whenever a service member receives orders for a permanent change of station, many emotions may be running through their head: joy, sadness, anxiousness, or surprise. Whatever the case, the process for leaving the currently assigned base is usually filled with stress and confusion.

To make the inevitable PCS process as stress-free as possible, there are a few things that can be considered. The 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs office and the Kaiserslautern American team have taken this opportunity to provide you with an issue of consolidated articles and information that will help ease the process of leaving Ramstein behind. This issue will provide service members with agencies, phone numbers, tips and tricks, and other information to plan their move. This is not all-inclusive, all information and instructions provided by the different agencies during outprocessing should be followed to ensure the smoothest transition.

Generally, outprocessing should begin 120-180 days prior to the member’s date of estimated return from overseas, and before orders have been received. By starting earlier, members can get the ball rolling on processes that may take longer than most.

If shipping a vehicle, service members need to ensure the car is clean, free of all personal items, and that all recalls are taken care of. Any necessary maintenance work needed on the car may take time and should be completed as soon as possible. More vehicle tips can be found on page 6.

Household work is also an important, and time-consuming obstacle, when preparing to PCS. By creating a list of what will be put in luggage and carried, members can help prevent forgetting anything critical at the last minute. It may also help to make a list of high-value items before starting to pack. (Tip: If you have a high-value list from a previous PCS, just update the information to save you time on rewriting an entirely new list.)

Ensuring that living areas are cleaned before leaving, whether on or off base, is important to finish outprocessing. The goal is to maintain good relationships with host nation landlords, and maintaining a healthy environment for future service members to live. More tips can be found on page 7.

While clearing the out-processing checklist, members will visit base agencies. The number of agencies may increase depending on the needs of the member and their family, but all agencies are important to out-processing procedures.

For many, living abroad in Europe in the KMC, has created many fond memories and lasting friendships. We want to make sure service members leave with those in mind, and not the bitter taste of a rocky PCS. As members bid farewell, we provide them with this issue to help them take their good memories with them.

The Ramstein outprocessing brief can be found online at