Avoid pollution, noise in neighborhood

During the cold season, vehicle owners without their own garage like to idle their engines. Motorists run their engines in order to avoid scraping ice and snow from their windshields and to warm up the interior of the vehicle. Doing this creates unnecessary pollution in the neighborhood.

Idling engines not only pollutes the environment, but creates noise pollution as well. Additionally, idling is an unauthorized method of warming up vehicle engines, according to German road traffic rules. And it is definitely not just a trivial offense. Disobeying this rule can result in a high fine. The only motorists exempt from this rule are taxi drivers, who may need to warm up their vehicles in low temperatures.
A cold engine emits twice or even three times more toxic material. Also, the higher number of revolutions is extremely loud, producing noise pollution.

Motorists who prefer a pre-heated vehicle should look into getting a low-emission auxiliary heating system.

(Courtesy of the German Polizei)