Avoid theft by securing your vehicle

Story and photo illustration by Staff Sgt. Travis Edwards
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Every 10 minutes, 14 cars are stolen in the U.S.

In the KMC, the number is significantly smaller, but the chance is still there. There are still people who are willing and waiting for an opportunity to smash a window or completely steal your means of transportation; are you next?

About 43 members of the KMC will have their valuables taken from them this month.

“A majority of the criminals are preying on the ‘easy targets,’ vehicles and houses left unsecured or unlocked,” said Master Sgt. Wichard Ho, 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron NCO in charge of operations. “Securing your doors, windows and any entryways are the best methods to prevent from becoming a victim of circumstance.”

He added that vehicles with valuables left in plain sight are often targeted as well.

“Remove items from plain view, it is too easy for someone to simply walk by and see a purse or a military-style backpack left in the passenger seat; now they have a target,” Wichard said. “Bottom line, don’t leave anything to steal, don’t make yourself a target of opportunity.”

To help police these situations, the 569th USFPS has initiated a new program called Police Intelligence Operations. PIO is designed to track, analyze crime data, identify high crime areas, trends and predict where the next crime spree will most likely occur.

“The goals are to decrease the vulnerability of those areas, possibly catch the criminals in the act and reduce the crime from these areas in the KMC,” said Tech. Sgt. Victor Morales, 569th USFPS NCO in charge of antiterrorism and force-protection measures.

For more information on the programs in your area, send an email to:

Vogelweh: vogelwehneighborhoodwatch@yahoo.com

Landstuhl: neighborhoodwatch.lrmc@live.com

“Like” our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KMCNeighborhoodWatch.

“Everyone can help by getting involved in the neighborhood watch programs on Ramstein, Vogelweh and Landstuhl,” Morales said. “Look out for each other and your neighbor; our military members are our first-line of defense against these criminals.”

The 569th USFPS recommends members and families contact their insurance companies to find out if and ensure that all their valuables are covered.