Avoiding the quick fix, embracing satisfying work

by Chief Master Sgt. Jacob Dunbar
786th Civil Engineer Squadron

Some folks say they would like a peaceful and stress-free life where everything comes together as planned. No surprises and no uncertainty would be just fine. Not having any responsibility or having to face any consequences would be OK, too.

Though we may at times feel the need for a break, life without challenges would be boring. Most of us have a desire to be tested; we are never satisfied, we are always craving something. We want more and demand more of ourselves.

When the current position is not good enough, we are driven to improve our situation.

The Quick Fix
Some of us think everything needs to be done right away and we have little or no patience to wait out the process.

Likewise, we believe problems must be fixed now, but when they are not, we give up or revert to shortcuts. Often we continue to conduct business inefficiently because that is the easy choice. Though the current system causes us much grief, the belief is no change equates to no additional work.

We think correcting the issues will be too hard or take too much time. We gravitate
toward quick fixes, fads, diets and cutting corners because we are too impatient to follow normal procedures or develop sustainable practices.

We tend to expend more time talking about the issues and searching for remedies rather than correcting the situation. The funny thing is some of us already have the answers, we just don’t apply them.

Even though we go through the trouble to avoid doing more, it doesn’t help. We still end up with same problems and same frustrations. The time we took trying to elude doing the right thing could have been better spent fixing the issues.
Reality has a way of bringing us back to where we started. When we look around and it seems like we are spinning wheels and not going anywhere, that is an indication that we chose the wrong course.

Change does not come easy; it requires a commitment to start the process, stay the course and see it through.

Taking the time to assess problems, create solutions and adhere to procedures may seem time-consuming; however, in the long run, it frees up opportunities to concentrate on other things. We give up a little now to gain a lot more later on.
Not many people are looking for more work than they already have; however, choosing to correct wrongs and improve processes benefits everyone.
Whatever solution we choose, we need to commit to it.

Most importantly, our pursuits should be realistic and sustainable or else we will see little or no gains. We can’t be too impatient to do right; if something is wrong, it is up to us to fix it. We may not be able to correct everything all at once, but while we deliberately work each issue to completion, pretty soon we will see progress.

Satisfying Work
Some of us would have liked to relax and do nothing, but that is not in our nature.
Even when there is nothing to do, we take it upon ourselves to find something to do. We try to be laid back but that does not last for long. If we are not doing something worthwhile, it just doesn’t feel right. Hanging out or chilling for too long, we tend to feel as if our brain somehow deactivates and we can’t think so clearly anymore.

Our motivation comes from our work. When we attempt to do less than our best, it seem as something is missing.

Sometimes, even when we are exhausted we continue to push ourselves as if there is a race against time. If we are not employed doing something, life becomes uneventful and miserable.

Most of us are dedicated to our interests (careers, family, education). That is what we deem important and where we commit most of our time.

On occasions, we wonder why we are that way. We jump at the opportunity to take on more responsibility and carry additional burdens.

Others tend to question why someone would willingly ask for unnecessary pain but we invite those situations that push us to the limit.

There is something good about having purpose in our lives; it influences us to strive for more and do our best. We just don’t want something handed to us; we find satisfaction knowing we labored for it.

It is perfectly normal to find purpose in your work and wanting to better
yourself. Continue to be passionate and keep fueling your determination. That drive alone will take you places.