Banking on technology

Ken Robinson
KAHS teacher

***image1***What happens when you introduce an A+ certified computer specialist with both a Cisco Certified Network Associate and an electronics wizard?  You get OHIB Technical Solutions, a new business run by Kaiserslautern American High School students.

Thomas Burns, the 2006 Tech Student of the Year, took his A+ certification and made practical and financial use of his skills by establishing OHIB Technical Solutions. He was a student in the Professional Technical Studies program at KAHS.

Thomas has been enrolled in the Cisco Academy program for the past two years. This advanced CCNA preparation course provides students with tools to pass the highly-regarded CCNA exam. Thomas also passed the A+ certification as a result of enrolling in the Computer Service and Support course, which is designed to pass the Comptia A+ exam.

His skills were honed and perfected through practical application in KAHS’s Career Practicum program, he said. In this program, Thomas served as the PTS Microsoft Systems Administrator whee he learned how to fully administer a Windows 2000 domain.

His new business, however, would not be complete without the technical expertise of his two business partners – seniors Joshua Eklund and Erik Coppens. The trio teamed up to compete at the annual Department of Defense Dependent Schools-Europe Tech Fair. The team took first place in the Networking Competition, and second in both Electronics and Computer Service and Support.  

Joshua Eklund, the team lead, just received his CCNA and was prepared to tackle any challenge thrown at him. Joshua – who scored a 1570/1600 on the SATs and a perfect 5 on his AP Calculus exam as a sophomore – has an ability with numbers coupled with his extensive knowledge of computer programming that gave the team confidence going into the competition.

The third member of OHIB Technical Solutions is senior Erik Coppens, an electronics wizard. He took second place in the Tech Fair Electronics competition.  Erik learned mastery of electronics in the KAHS Digital Electronics program. He brought experience to the team as a Cisco Academy graduate, Career Practicum Microsoft Systems Administrator and student teacher.

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