Base Defense: Remember to SALUTE

by Staff Sgt. Jimmie D. Pike

“We need your help. Our security forces defenders keep us safe, but they can’t be everywhere,” said Col. Joseph Wenckus, 86th Airlift Wing vice commander. “We all have a part in defending our installations. Force protection is job number one, and it is a shared responsibility.”

Wenckus, along with other leaders from the 86th AW, recently took the time to personally examine security measures throughout bases in the area. The purpose of the checks were to identify what is working well and what could be improved upon.

While security forces is the office of primary responsibility for security and safety, it is every active, reserve, guard and civilian Airmen’s responsibility. All personnel can help by knowing what to do after witnessing unusual behaviors or activities.

“In a nut shell, if something makes the little hairs on your neck stand up, you should report it,” said Master Sgt. Thomas Hoover, 86th Security Forces Squadron antiterrorism and force protection program manager. “We encourage everyone to report anything they see, big or small.”

To make a report, personnel can contact the Eagle Eyes number at 489-7867 or 0631-536-7867. Personnel may also contact the 86th SFS Base Defense Operations Center at
480-2050 or 06371-47-2050.

“We are emphasizing proper SALUTE (size, activity, location, uniform, time, and equipment) reporting procedures because every second counts,” Wenckus said. “Getting as much information as possible to the right people helps emergency officials respond in a timely manner.”

According to Hoover, size refers to how many people or vehicles are present. Activity describes what is happening. Location is the current spot of occupation and the direction the people or vehicles are moving. Uniform is what was worn by the person or group. Time should be the time the activity happened. Lastly, equipment describes anything the person or group may have had.

Due to the scope of the wing, Wenckus called all Airmen to arms in supporting security and force protection

“We need you to remain vigilant. We need you to report suspicious activity. And most of all, we need you to know the right way to correctly report threats.”