BDF learns warehouse management

Erin Zagursky, Story and photo
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Five members of the Botswana Defense Force visited Ramstein this week to learn about the Air Force’s warehouse management procedures and operations.

The 435th Logistics Readiness Squadron hosted the visit, touring the group through the base’s inbound cargo sections, receiving section, storage and issue element, hazardous materials section, aircraft parts store, storage and issue area, flight service center and outbound cargo element.

During the team’s visit to the hazardous materials section, Tech. Sgt. Kirk Vore, assistant NCO in charge of HAZMAT, briefed the team on everything from procedures and initiatives to protection and safety.

“You are an investment to your military, just like we are an investment to our military,” he said.

Although the visiting BDF members currently only work with aircraft parts and use a paper tracking system, they used the opportunity to see how they can improve their logistics capabilities.

“What they are looking for is where they can go in the future,” said Master Sgt. Robert Cook, NCO in charge of HAZMAT. “We’re looking to help them out so they can do it right when they get to that point.”

Maj. Pako Plattjie serves as the logistics squadron commander at one of the BDF installations.

“We are trying to model procedures with the best,” he said. “We want to get computerized, and we appreciate this opportunity.”

Although the team talked business with the Ramstein logistics team during most of the visit, the visit also served as an opportunity for the Ramstein members to learn more about the BDF.

“They are a new military,” said Sergeant Cook. “I’ve been surprised by how close their system is to ours.”

The visit was part of the Joint Contact Team Program, a bilateral U.S. military outreach program. Under this program selected countries are visited, or are invited to visit U.S. installations, to become more familiar with U.S. operations and procedures.