Be a knight in shining armor: Take her to Lichtenburg

by Samantha Schafer
Contributing writer

***image1***Love the Christmas markets and want to share them with that special someone? It’s worth the stroll around the white lights of the charming medieval market at Lichtenburg Castle in Kusel.

Held every year on the first Advent weekend of the season, it is unique in an old-worldly way. And, although German Christmas markets are fantastic no matter what the location, this medieval market will dazzle you with all the expected extras –  jugglers, fire-eaters and clowns. And, there is a large knight encampment ready to explore – a visit to a Christmas market will never be the same.

To the delight of all the accompanying children, this medieval market has story times full of enchanting fairytales, as well as the opportunity for aspiring knights to shoot a crossbow.

With the spectacular grounds of Lichtenburg Castle serving as a backdrop you’ll find traditional handcrafted items being sold from old-fashioned booths. And, the scrumptious, savoury aroma of food made from historic recipes, as well as the inviting aroma of olden-day beverages will add to the experience. So, whilst the medieval music plays, eat, shop and make this a romantic seasonal experience you will not soon forget.

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