Bending, Not Breaking

Story and photo by Sarahjane Phillips
U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern Army Community Service

The first civilians to attend master resiliency training in the KMC recently graduated from a 12-week Army Community Service course designed to help them bend, not break.

The coursework was geared to help civilians thrive in a high-tempo era of persistent conflict, lowering rates of depression, anxiety, stress and other difficult emotions. It emphasized the importance of self-actualization — each participant must know themselves before they can know and understand others. The motto of resilience training was “Bending, Not Breaking.”

Amanda Gransbury, a class participant, said she now feels better prepared to face challenges that come with being part of the military. 

“Not just that,” Gransbury said. “I can better face myself now, too.” 

U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern ACS employees Cheryl Carter and Alberto Soto Rivera led the group through coursework, which wrapped up late September. It began with students learning what resiliency is and what it means to an individual. Then, the class moved on to building mental toughness, working on individual character strengths and building strong relationships. 

The group learned to maximize their potential and face challenges head on, important lessons, Carter said.

“This is a new era for the military and that includes the families. The military has adapted to look at the entire force, not just the Soldiers and service members,” Carter said. “It’s very important what you have done, what you have learned and now what you can teach.” 

Community members interested in resilience training should visit ACS at Pulaski Barracks or call 0631-3406-4203.