BMT facing shortage of instructors

Basic Military Training is facing a severe shortage in Military Training Instructors.
The influx of new Airmen entering the Air Force and recent BMT program expansion to 8 1/2 weeks, means more trainees are in the BMT pipeline at any given time, which requires additional instructors.
More than 200 MTIs are needed to fully man BMT and 138 are needed just to get manning levels to 85 percent.
Leadership at all levels are evaluating several options to alleviate these shortages. Intense recruiting efforts are being employed.
MTI Recruiting Teams are and will continue to visit bases in order to educate Airmen on the MTI special duty requirements and benefi ts in an effort to recruit more volunteers.
In addition, the Career Assistance Adviser Senior Master Sgt. Joel Tilley and Master Sgt. Steven Woodland will host an informative MTI Duty Briefing 8:30 a.m. Thursday at the Nightingale Theater on Ramstein.
For more information, call Sergeant Tilley or Sergeant Woodland at 480-9472.