Busy Spelling Bees

David Groat, KES Principal, with the winners of the KES Spelling Bee.

On Jan. 28, Kaiserslautern Elementary School had their Spelling Bee at the KES multi-purpose room.

Elizabeth Quinn, Advanced Academics Teacher, fulfilled the role of pronouncer.

Distinguished judges were Tammy Thomsen (Literacy Interventionist), Jacqueline Millburg (Information Specialist), and David Quinn (School Volunteer).

Third place winner was 4th grader, Maya Will. Second place winner was 5th grader, Evan Roundy, and first place winner was 5th grader, Braylen Anderson.

Braylen will represent KES at the regional spelling competition at Ramstein Elementary School on Feb. 29.

by Sheree Hatchet

Landstuhl Elementary Middle School teacher

On Jan. 29, the students from Landstuhl Elementary Middle School participated in this year’s school Spelling Bee. Students from second to eighth grade competed in over 10 rounds of grueling spelling competition. After twelve rounds and a spelling showdown a champion was crowned. Sam Cash, a fifth grader, in Maxine Reid’s class, will represent our school in the Regional Spelling Bee held this year at Ramstein Elementary School on Feb. 29.

In the event Sam Cash is unable to make it, our first runner up, middle schooler Griffin Feldt will go in his place. Our second runner up was Hannah San Pedro, also a middle schooler. We are extremely proud and thankful for each and every one of the students, parents, and teachers who helped to make this year’s Spelling Bee a success.

Spelling contest winner in Maxine Reid’s classroom at Landstuhl Elementary Middle School was Sam Cash (front), fifth grade. Hannah San Pedro and Griffin Feldt, two middle school students at LEMS, were second and first runners up. Photo by Sheree Hatchet

by Steven Swiger

Landstuhl Elementary Middle School teacher

This year’s spelling bee had a total of 25 participants. The participants ranged from grade two through eight. To be extended the honor to judge it, was exciting. To judge, was interesting and enjoyable. Simply watching lower elementary students stand and compete with middle schoolers had me transfixed.

As we got down to the last three students, we realized that the talent was at such a high level that the regular spelling words just were not enough. So, in order to add a modicum of challenge, we moved to the champions’ list. Herein, we found words that finally challenged these amazing students.

In the end, it was a 5th grader who took first place; and, two 8th graders who took second and third. All three, whom were brilliant, completely impressed me. What a joy to have had a chance to be part of this wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their abilities.