Cable installation begins, expect traffic issues

Master Sgt. Mark Kallas
435th Civil Engineer Group

New high-voltage electric cable will be installed along Michigan Boulevard beginning Monday through Oct. 29.
The current level of electricity available on Ramstein is insufficient to support new facilities coming online in the next few years – the KMC, Component Command Air Headquarters Ramstein, Air Freight Terminal and 1st Combat Comm-unications.
This project will bury the new power lines in an effort to promote Combat Proud and prevent high-voltage overhead lines. This will necessitate a few temporary traffic changes and may temporarily affect parking.
The first phase of construction, scheduled through Sept. 10, involves closing down one half of each intersection along Michigan Boulevard to prepare the area. This will help to avoid any total closure of intersections. 
Phase two is from Sept. 13 to Oct. 1. This phase will trench the road from in front of Bldg. 5 to the intersection of Michigan and Kansas.
Work will be done on the right-hand side heading from the child development center at Bldg. 800 toward the U-Fix-It store in Bldg. 867.
Through traffic will be able to cross Michigan Avenue during this phase of construction.
The final phase is from Oct. 4 to 19. This phase is a repeat of phase two but will involve Michigan Blvd. from Kansas North past the U-Fix-It store and into the new substation.
Several parking lots will be closed during the trenching phases of this project.
During phase two, the parking lot for Bldgs. 805 and 806 will be inaccessible and during the final phase, the parking lot for Bldg. 811 will be closed. For more information, call 480-3723.