‘California Suite’ takes to the KMC stage

Lizz Lee
Contributing writer

***image1***I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a rehearsal production of Neil Simon’s “California Suite” by our own KMC Onstage Theatre at Kleber Kaserne.

The play is set in a hotel in Los Angeles. Various characters stay in the suite with different lives we get to peer into. The writing is superbly hilarious, ranging from cunning wit to sheer physical comedy.

In the first scene, we meet a divorced couple going through the pains of change. Sara Bright plays the difficult character Hannah Warren superbly. Mrs. Bright has been acting professionally for almost 11 years.

In the second scene, we meet a married couple enduring the embarrassment and sting of infidelity. Another talented actress, Stacey Compton, delivers a genuine presentation of Millie Michaels, a woman just off of a really bad flight from Philadelphia, who finds herself betrayed by her bumbling husband of 12 years
Directing the first act is Ryan Matasovsky. He is a veteran, award-winning actor debuting his directorial skills. Of the stressful and thankless job of director, Mr. Matosovsky said, “It has been a very wonderful experience…the support [received] has been incredible for a first time director.”

Another veteran of the theatre brings act two to life, Laurie Ellington, entertainment director for the KMC. This act brings the audience into the world of an aging English actress in town for the Oscars, interpreted by Stacie DeLeon, and two couples vacationing together for far too long. Neither are what they appear to be.

This production of “California Suite” has it all – a great story, a genius cast and a fantastic team of support. Great choices in casting, and I was genuinely impressed with the chemistry all the actors shared on stage. Do not miss this production. It is witty, has poignant writing and is wonderfully executed by everyone who worked to bring the show to life.

Doors open at 6 p.m., and the show begins at 7 p.m. For details and ticket reservations, contact kmconstage@yahoo.com or 483-7127 or 0631-411-7127. ***image2***