Car-free route leads from Landstuhl to Waldfischbach–Burgalben May 21

by Petra Lessoing
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Participants of the car-free biking day route through various villages along state road L363, where food and entertainment is provided. — Courtesy photo

Sunday, May 21, the communities of Kaiserslautern-Süd, Landstuhl and Wald-fischbach-Burgalben will sponsor the car-free event “Biking Fun in Sickingen County.” County road L363 between Nanstein Castle in Landstuhl and Waldfischbach-Burgalben will be closed to motorized traffic from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Bicyclists, walkers, hikers, and inline-skaters can enjoy the 20-kilometer-long car-free route and the entertaining programs villages provide.

Mayor Uwe Unnold will officially open the event at 10 a.m. in Linden with support of a live music band. The unicycle stunt artist, Lutz Eichwald, will show off tricks throughout the day. Italian and barbecue food specialties will be available.

The Palatinate Forest tourist office will provide needful information about the region. Participants can start their trip wherever they want to along the route. They can begin in the very north, which is Landstuhl. Here they will be granted free admission to Nanstein Castle.

In Bann, local caterers will offer bratwurst, frikadellen, French fries and cakes.

The next village, Queiders-bach will present a vintage vehicle and tractor exhibition. Locals will serve home-made dumplings, called “Dampf-nudeln,” with vanilla or wine sauce.

In Horbach, event participants can experience an alpaca petting zoo and test drive e-bikes. Food specialties include currywurst, fried potatoes on a stick and falafel.

Steinalben will offer games for children and adults. The band Moosalbtaler will perform live brass music. Hikers and bikers get to taste goat cheese, schwenksteaks, chili-cheese-frikadellen and salmon broetchen.

In Waldfischbach-Burg-alben, on the south end of the car-free route, bicyclists can learn how to bike with a dog. Tips and tricks will be given on an hourly basis. Children will get their faces painted and can test their skills in archery and box climbing. Break food will include fresh salads, sandwiches, schnitzel and pea soup with sausages.

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Bikers can enjoy a car-free road from Landstuhl to Waldfischbach-Burgalben from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. May 21. — Courtesy photo