CFC-Overseas kicks off Oct. 3

Monica Mendoza
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***If you are asking yourself why you should contribute to the 2005
Combined Federal Campaign program, consider this: one in four federal
employees will be helped by one of the nearly 2,000 charitable
organizations supported by CFC. That could be your co-worker, your
neighbor, yourself.

Monday is the kickoff of the CFC-Overseas program, which runs through
Dec. 2. It’s a chance for federal civilian and military employees to
contribute to 1,700 nonprofit organizations including those that
support programs for children, the arts, veterans and medical research.
And for overseas personnel, it’s a chance to support family and youth
programs at their own installation.

The annual CFC, which allows employees to give through payroll
deductions, is perfect for the military community, said Capt. Amy
Russo, Ramstein’s CFC community area project officer.

“CFC is all about donating time, resources and personal service to a
worthy cause, which is a perfect fit to military culture,” said Capt.

Sometime in the next two weeks, every federal employee in the KMC will
be contacted about the CFC-Overseas program, Capt. Russo said. It’s
that personal contact that makes the program so successful. Last year,
employees in KMC contributed more than $1.1 million and more than
$32,000 was designated to FSYP.

“This is what we are all about,” Captain Russo said. “We are a volunteer force who made a life commitment to serve our country.”

Federal employees have a long history of contributing to local and
national charities, going back to the 1940s. In 1971, all federal
workplace campaigns were combined to make one annual program. Today,
the CFC is the world’s most successful workplace giving campaign,
according to the federal Human Resources Agency. Federal employees
annually pledge hundreds of millions to charities, including the
American Red Cross and United Way.

In recent weeks, CFC has also made it easy for contributions to be sent
directly to the organizations supporting Hurricane Katrina disaster
relief efforts.
“Participating in the CFC can be an opportunity to help organizations
that spend a great deal of time ensuring that those who find themselves
in unfortunate circumstances receive the assistance they deserve,” said
Kimberly Birdsong, CFC coordinator for the 415th Base Support Battalion.
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