Child supervision policy outlines requirements for all ages

by Capt. Amos Gregory 86th Airlift Wing Legal Center

Having small children at home can be a rewarding experience. As they grow, they are able to help out with errands for your family or neighborhood, including babysitting. In situations where children may be left without adult supervision, it is important to remember that there are certain rules regarding the level of supervision required depending on the age of the child.

The chart below explains what requirements apply to children of different ages. The regulation sets minimums. However, parents must use good judgment and consider special needs of their children when determining the appropriate level of supervision.

In accordance with Ramstein Air Base Instruction 36-2901, Commander’s Emphasis on Military Standards, Attachment 2, a child is considered attended to when the child is in the presence or within sight or hearing of an appropriate caregiver. Additionally, children under the age of 10 may not be left unattended in a parked car.

So, what about when you are at the commissary and you need to return your cart? Can you leave the baby in the car while you put the cart away? That depends. If the car is parked so that the child is within eyesight while returning the cart, it is okay to leave them in the car. However, if the cart corral is several rows over, the child would be considered unattended while you return your cart.

Although older children ages 10 through 17 may be left unattended in quarters, they must have access to an adult, such as a parent’s or neighbor’s phone number, in case of emergencies. Parents must designate a responsible adult to periodically check on the children if they are to be left unattended for longer periods. If the older children are left unattended overnight, a medical power of attorney to a responsible adult is strongly recommended.

Child supervision policy outlines requirements for all ages