Chili’s reopens

Airman Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

Chili’s restaurant at the Ramstein Enlisted Club is scheduled to re-open on Oct. 1, after its previously scheduled opening was spoiled by ventilation problems.

Chili’s was originally planned to open early August when ventilation problems caused it to shut down on the day of the grand opening.

Ray Irizarry, a manager at Chili’s, said the ventilation system was not placed properly throughout the restaurant and caused the kitchen to heat up to temperatures of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat set off the sprinkler system in the restaurant; and the opening had to be rescheduled.

It took three weeks to make the necessary changes to the ventilation system and install an air cooling device.

To make sure Chili’s is prepared to re-open, seven day of training have been scheduled, including four days of “role play.” These training days are by invitation only and allows the Chili’s staff to practice serving guests.

“The great thing is that the staff gets trained and the guests get to try our restaurant without having to pay for it

tation only in which the invited guests taste the Chili’s menu items for free. All servers, cooks, and managers will work during the “role play” days.

In addition to these tests, culinary trainers were brought back to continue the training for the kitchen staff that was cut short the first time.

According to Ken Kendrick, a culinary leader for Brinker International, the trainers could not get the kitchen staff fully trained during their first visit because of the ventilation problems.

Mr. Kendrick arrived at Ramstein Monday to complete staff training. He will stay for a week after the opening to ensure that everything goes smoothly and ensure everyone is properly trained.

“I’ve been waiting for this since I left the states,” said Mr. Kendrick.
Chili’s management has put a lot of time and effort into the reopening process and would like to thank the customers for being patient, said Mr. Irizarry.

“We are going to open up the right way this time,” and even though Chili’s has nothing special planned for the grand opening, customers can expect “awesome Chili’s service (and) a little taste of Chili’s from back home,” said Mr. Irizarry.