Chilkoot Cup Race

***image1***After intense five-hour sled race in the Chilkoot Cup Race, Transatlantic Council Boy Scouts Europe, a local KMC composite team from Vogelweh and Ramstein won the Stampeder level of competition Jan. 14, in Kandersteg, Switzerland. A total of 24 teams from entire European Command competed. (From left) Austin Crain, Troop 232 Ramstein, Matt Babstigner, Cole Johnson, Dean Gregory, Clayton Black, Chris Marry, all from Troop 69 Vogelweh. The two leaders pictured are Lawrence Holgate and Corey Johnson. In this same category, Troop 232, also from Ramstein came in second place. In the advanced varsity category, Troop 156 from Ramstein came in second place, and Troop 164 from Sembach came in third place.