Civil Engineers’ Corner

KMC smoke detector policy
Housing occupants shall not disable smoke detection systems in their quarters for any reason. If you have any problems with the detectors, immediately contact housing maintenance at 0631-534-830.

If problems persist after the contractor performs maintenance, call the Housing Office at 489-7108 or 06315-36-6029.

KMC Spring Clean Up
The KMC Spring Clean Up days are scheduled for April 16 for duty facilities and April 20 for military family housing and dormitories.

When cleaning, keep an eye out for debris around the facility, including loose grass and dirt that may have piled up during the winter. Re-seed the grass where needed and remove all weeds from concrete cracks, flower beds and planters.

Check with the self help store for any tools or supplies necessary for participation in Spring Clean Up.

Housing residents may pick up garden rakes, shovels and bio-degradable trash bags from the U-Fix-it store located in Bldg. 532.