Civil Engineer’s Corner

New bike racks on base
might have noticed some bike racks springing up around Ramstein. The
435th Civil Engineers Squadron plans to complete the racks in time for
full utilization this spring.  

The locations for this wave
of racks are: Northside and Southside fitness centers, Library,
Ramstein Officers’ Club, Enlisted Club, Bldg. 508, Shoppette, the MPF
near the dining facility, and Donnelly Park.  

locations were selected due to their high use.  The 435th CES will
assess other locations around the base for the future.

Shuttle stop closure
to construction on Illinois Blvd., the 4 corners shuttle stop will be
temporarily closed. Please use the stop behind Bldg. 400 (Northside
Shoppette) or the stop across from Bldg. 301 (Dental Clinic). For more
information, please contact Vehicle Dispatch at 480-5961 or 480-5962

Natural gas pipeline
local company plans to replace a 26” natural gas line on base from
Monday to Sept. 30. The line runs from the Harmon Gate, past the base
law center, Southside Fitness Center and connects with the completed
first phase near the fish pond. Traffic flow should not be impacted.
This gas line improves the existing line between Rodenbach and

Electrical substation cleaning
735th Civil Engineers Squadron will conduct annual electrical
substation cleaning from May 22 to July 20. Facilities will experience
electrical service interruptions ranging from 2 to 4 hours while the
substations are cleaned.  The 735th CES will coordinate outage
dates and times with Facility Managers.
The technicians will
simultaneously test the automatic transfer switches on facilities with
emergency generators.  It is recommended that critical data be
backed up prior to the test to prevent information loss due to power
interruptions as the generators pick up the load. 
For more information, contact your Facility Manager or the 735th CES at 480-7459.