Civil Engineer’s Corner

Garbage Tips:
Disposing of garbage is an easy task but there are few things that
sometimes are forgotten. When disposing of your household garbage, make
sure that there isn’t any liquid in the bags. Liquids left in bags can
often bust open and leak into the dumpster.  This leads to
increased maintenance of our new underground dumpster systems, which
need to be pumped out and cleaned in such circumstances.  

Also, remember not to place oversized pieces of garbage inside
underground or above ground dumpster. It makes them difficult to
dispose, cost additional money and can damage our underground dumpster

Dispose of oversized items at one of the KMC recycling centers located
on Ramstein, Sembach or Vogelweh. Disposing of household garbage is
easy, and taking these few small steps can save the KMC money!

Other CE News:
The Furnishings Man-agement Office (FMO) will be closed Thursday
(German Holiday), May 29 (U.S. Holiday,) and June 9 (FMO Outing).