Civilian of the year

***image1***Hartmut Bogust, 2nd Signal Brigade Visual Information Services Europe chief engineer and the director’s technical advisor, is the 2005 5th Signal Command Local National Civilian of the Year. He will receive his award 9 a.m. today at the Mannheim Schuh Theater. Herr Bogust was the chief engineer and technical advisor for all four U.S. sponsored events in the Normandy area to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of D-Day in June 2004.

Sembach Clinic
The Sembach Clinic is now offering limited lab collection services for patients enrolled at the Sembach Family Practice.

The clinic is reducing services since many tests require special handling and processing at Ramstein or Landstuhl. Routine lab draws for everyone and tests for non-Sembach patrons are no longer available.

Health care providers may request lab draws for same-day visits only. Walk-in pregnancy and urinary tract infection tests are also available. The clinic will continue to draw blood work for military mission requirements, such as physical health assessments, physicals and deployments. Call 496-7201 for details.

AEF 7/8 preparations
Tasked personnel should start picking up individual equipment items now to ensure availability and prevent shortages. The 435th Logistics Readiness Squadron’s Individual Equipment Element has a checkout counter specifically for AEF 7/8 customers. Unit deployment managers must scrutinize the individual equipment needs for deploying personnel and not authorize additional items that deploying members already have, such as desert camouflage uniforms, camelbacks, boots, etc. Call Master Sgt. Shawn Stringham at 480-2400 with questions.

Wing advertising policy
Official printed notices may be displayed at an event site no earlier than the day of the event and must be removed two hours after. Media may not be affixed to any fence, gate, bridge, building, signpost, tree or structure. They may not be affixed to painted surfaces and cannot cause damage to property. Exceptions must be approved by the 435th Mission Support Group commander.

Change of command
Lt. Col. Albert Couillard relinquishes command of the 86th Operations Support Group to Lt. Col. Thomas Johnson at 10 a.m. today in Hangar 1.