College Night introduces universities to KMC students

Monica Mendoza
Kaiserslautern American

Talk about one-stop shopping. Thursday, hundreds of high school
students from Ramstein and Kaiserslautern will shop for colleges at the
annual college night from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Kaiserslautern American
High School.

Representatives, including alumni, from 75 colleges and universities
will be on hand to field questions about college life, entrance
requirements and scholarship opportunities.

It can be difficult for high school students to search for a college
from overseas. Students cannot easily visit college campuses and meet
with college admissions officers, College Night organizers said.

College Night is a chance for students to meet admission directors,
talk with alumni, and get other key contact names, including deans of
specific colleges and coaches. And students and parents should be
aggressive about making contacts with college admission professionals,
said Bob Broshous, director of International Admission for the
University of Dubuque in Iowa, a small private school.

“Ask them the hard questions,” said Mr. Broshous. “What is so special about your academic program?”

Students need to find a college that is right for them. The rate of
freshman returning for their sophomore year ranges from 60 to 75
“If a student is happy, they will be successful,” Broshous said.

High school guidance counselors say students should make a list of
schools in which they are interested; ask questions about tuition, room
and board, financial aid, scholarships, work programs and other
resources to help with costs.

Organizers of College Night say the event is for all high school
students, not just upperclassmen. The idea is to start asking questions
and planning early.
Military members considering colleges may also check out the offerings.