Combat Wingman: More than just a catch phrase

Gen. Robert H.

***image1***Do you have a Wingman? Have you checked in yet? We’ve all heard these catch phrases thrown around for the past two months, but have you really taken them to heart? Being a Wingman is not just about making a formalized commitment on a Wingman card – it’s about checking each other’s six and going the extra mile to take care of your fellow Airmen.

Although we’ve put the holidays behind us and rung in the New Year, we need to remember that for many people the winter months can be a time of increased stress, depression and mishaps.  Some families are separated from their deployed loved ones while others are here in Europe on unaccompanied assignments. That’s why there is no better time than now to step up our commitment to our fellow Airmen. People are talking about the Combat Wingman program, and that’s great.  It’s now time to take it to the next level by strengthening these commitments and truly looking out for each other.   

Although we decreased DUIs in USAFE in 2004, the fact is that even one DUI is too many. We’ll also continue to fight against suicides in our Air Force community, and we do that through constant vigilance. There are some things that are out of our control, but giving Wingman consideration isn’t one of them. As Airmen, looking out for each other is a part of our core values, and if doing so can help brighten someone’s day or prevent an accident or a death, then Combat Wingman is a success in my book. 

Whether over the skies of Afghanistan, on the airfields in Iraq or at home station, we need to remain vigilant and keep each other safe throughout the year. By participating in Combat Wingman, we reinforce our existing commitment to each other on a personal level. Have you made a Wingman commitment yet? If not, it’s time to check in!***image2***