Commander’s Action Line

About six months ago, base agencies were ordered to remove red cigarette cans to be replaced with brown cans. The brown cans were specially ordered by civil engineers and have been in use since their arrival. Now, we were told to remove the brown cans and replace them with smoking posts. The problem is CE does not have any smoking posts on hand. Now smokers throw their cigarette butts on the ground, in planters, etc., since we no longer have the brown cans. Why can’t we use the brown cans until CE gets the smoking posts from the manufacturer? Now there are cigarette butts all over because we are not allowed to have the brown cans out. 

As we continue to press ahead with our Combat Proud initiatives, we will continue to establish standards to improve installation appearance to include replacement of the current metal cigarette cans with new plastic smoking posts. The posts are more attractive, do not have to be painted and are configured to eliminate use as trash receptacles. However, as you point out, until we have more smoking posts available, removal of the current cans creates a larger problem if smokers do not properly dispose of their cigarette butts. To alleviate this, the metal cans may be used until the new smoking posts are in, but these cans must be painted brown, in good repair and located in an area not visible from main streets and thoroughfares. Once the new smoking posts have arrived, CE will notify facility managers to get them from the KMC Self Help Centers in exchange for the old cans.