Commander’s Action Line

I live in Ramstein housing. A week ago, I heard that our building would be demolished within six months, and all tenants would be relocated. Meanwhile, people that are moving out have told us that housing personnel told them the same thing. I called housing, and they told me it was just a “rumor” right now. I don’t know why this building would be marked for demolition since contractors put scaffolding up and brackets under the old balconies. I also noticed that apartments of the people moving out remain vacant and the housing office verified that. So, what is going to happen?

Thank you for the opportunity to address our housing revitalization program and the steps we take to relocate families to accommodate progress.
Here’s how we work the plan to vacate buildings and relocate families. Buildings are usually identified for replacement/demolition one to two years prior to project start and at that time we stop moving families into these buildings. If there is a need to relocate residents of a building, we provide all residents written notification of a directed move due to replacement/demolition about six months prior to the required move date. When a family is directed to move due to replacement/demolition we try to the maximum extent possible to offer like housing and in the same location.
Currently, your building is on the stop move-in list; however, it is not scheduled for replacement until fiscal 2005 or later. While we do not provide formal notification to residents so far in advance, we do respond to questions about the housing program. If you have any more questions, contact housing management at 489-6671 or 6672.