Commander’s Action Line

I live on Ramstein in Bldg. 827, and for the past six or seven months our phone service has been horrible. Sometimes our phone is completely dead for hours at a time and other times there is so much static that it’s impossible to hear the person on the other end. What can be done to ensure that we have phone service when my husband and I need it most?

Commercial communications service to base housing is vitally important and we strive to ensure it is reliable and available 24 hours, seven days a week.
Army Air Force Exchange Service is in charge of the TKS contract on Ramstein, and they have been working very hard on improving the base TKS contract for personal telephone service.
The improvements we are pressing to include are a local hotline for immediate TKS assistance, telephone technician response and support seven days a week and reimbursement for telephone line downtime. Until the contract is amended, service problems can still be reported to TKS at 0631-352-2222. If after doing so, you find it fails to yield results, call the AAFES TKS contract manager at 489-7481.