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I am writing regarding the policy of credit card and debit card use at the post office. I recently mailed off some packages and wanted to put the purchase on my credit card. They would not accept my credit card because I wrote “See ID” on the back. I have been a victim of identity theft and have had my credit cards stolen and my credit rating pummeled because of it. For my own protection, I do not sign the back of my credit cards nor do I put my social security number on my checks. Is this a policy that will be updated soon so that we may be allowed to protect ourselves?

I understand your need to protect yourself and your credit identity. We check IDs for our customer’s protection, and all military post offices are required to check the military IDs of anyone using a credit card. We asked our sister services in the KMC what policies they use to protect their customers. Army and Air Force Exchange Service, 435th Services Squadron and the postal headquarters told us they check all credit cards for signature. Upon further research, credit card companies stated the credit card is “invalid until signed.” We also discussed this issue with fellow commanders at AAFES, Services and Security Forces, and all agreed that a great way to satisfy your request and to stay within the guidelines of credit card companies is to both sign the card and write “See ID.” We appreciate your feedback and the chance to review our policies to ensure we offer the safest and most customer friendly policies available.

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— Brig. Gen. Rosanne Bailey
435th Air Base Wing commander