Commander’s Action Line

I live in Bldg 823 on Ramstein and a cement slab was recently built out front. I was told it was for the benches and table to be put on. However, the slab is barely 6 feet away from the road. There is no way that I would consider going down stairs to sit at this table to socialize or just soak up the sun with it being so close to the road. Why do the benches have to be so close to the road?

We continually strive to improve the community for all our residents, constructing bench pads for housing occupants is just one of the many initiatives undertaken. For each pad that is built, the civil engineers carefully consider the location to serve the largest number of people in the area. The pad in front of your housing area is only intended for a bench, not a picnic table. We built a large pad behind the building to provide you the opportunity for picnics or for simply watching children play. We appreciate your interest in the community and hope you enjoy your stay here.