Commander’s Action Line

I have been here at Ramstein for eight months and have been stopped many times going through the west gate to have my car searched. My husband has been here two months more than I and has never been stopped. We both have the same type of vehicle so I cannot attribute it to that.  Sometimes I honestly feel that I could be across six lanes of traffic and I’d still be the one brought over for the search. I’m not so sure that I understand the whole “inspecting of registered American vehicles” in the first place. According to my husband, at (the former) Prince Sultan Air Base, if the vehicle was American registered then it went through. If not, then it was checked. It seems as though you would search the non-American registered vehicles. While we live here, this base is our sanctuary, our means of connection with our country that we love, honor and respect. Why must we be subjected to having ourselves and our vehicles checked?
Thank you for your concern regarding installation entry control vehicle checks. I can fully understand your frustration at having been stopped multiple times as I myself have experienced the same thing, despite being the commander here. However, I am just as happy they do it, for exactly the reason you believe we should not. The searching of American plated vehicles has been mandated by U.S. Air Forces in Europe as well as U.S. European Command as a protective measure to help us secure our installations. Unfortunately, some of our fellow Americans have established a trend of losing their ID cards and license plates in amazing numbers. Terrorists have used this tactic of stealing license plates and ID cards to gain access to our installations to commit acts of terror (Rhein-Main bombing, HQ USAFE bombing). I fully agree that this installation is our sanctuary, our means of connection with our country that we love, honor and respect. However, there are unfortunately those out there who would do us harm and as such we must take prudent measures to ensure that we fully protect our war-fighting resources and, most important, our servicemembers and family members who call Ramstein home. That way we can ensure it stays our sanctuary, where we really can feel as safe as possible. If you should have any more questions please call my designated point of contact, Capt. Chris Deguelle, at 480-2466.