Commander’s Action Line

For many years, at least back to 1987, there were six parking spaces reserved at the Vogelweh Base Exchange for handicapped people.
However, more than six months ago, a sign marking two of the designated spaces was knocked over. It has not been replaced, and those two spaces have become open parking.
The loss of the two spaces has created a real inconvenience for handicapped people, especially on weekends when the parking lot is often overflowing.
Is there any chance that the sign will be replaced in the near future? Thank you.   

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.
There are currently four handicapped parking spaces in the Vogelweh BX parking lot.
We checked the standard requirement for handicapped slots and according to the American Disabilities Act, parking lots with 500 or more slots are required to have two percent reserved for the disabled. 
There are 588 total slots at Vogelweh, so there should be at least 12 handicapped spaces.
To remedy this situation, we have added eight more parking spaces along the parking lot edge facing the BX and Powerzone.
We apologize for taking so long to correct this deficiency.