Commander’s Action Line

Recently I witnessed a servicemember berating a young gentleman in regards to parking in a reserved parking spot. The young man had parked in the Chief Master Sgt. spot in front of the Vogelweh Base Exchange. The military member proceeded to tell him in a very unprofessional and boisterous manner that he was not authorized to park there. The young man informed the servicemember that his mother was authorized based on her rank and that the car was registered to her. The servicemember directed the young man to move his car, stating that if his mother was not driving he was not authorized to park there. During this entire incident a spouse was sitting in another car which was parked in a reserved Colonel’s spot. Needless to say, at no time during the incident did the service-member inquire as to the spouses right or authorization to park in the designated parking spot. Please clarify if the rules for parking in a reserved parking space apply to service-member and spouse only.

Thank you for your concern regarding reserved parking spaces in the KMC. It’s important for all servicemembers to show the proper respect to all people, whether they are civilians or military members, when confronted with a situation. While this incident could have been handled differently, the servicemember was correct. Spouses of senior and noncommissioned officers contribute greatly to our community, so they are permitted to use their sponsor’s reserved parking spaces. However, this privilege does not extend to children or any other family members when their sponsor is not present.