Commander’s Action Line

I use the golf course road to get to work through the East Gate. In the mornings, it is routine for the road to be backed up with cars to the Mackenbach circle. Many times, I have been passed by cars over taking the whole line of cars (approximately 1.5 miles worth). This morning it wasn’t a car, it was a big rig with a car following behind it, each traveling about 20 to 25 mph. Needless to say there was oncoming traffic and these vehicles had no where to go because of the traffic. The oncoming traffic had to wait to move so the big rig and car could move back into the right-hand lane. If this continues, there is going to be a serious accident on this road. Most of the people doing this are not going to base but are trying to get to the A6. Could this be brought to the attention of the German authorities? Is there a way to report vehicles doing this? And if so, what is that process? Also can something be done to divert this traffic away from the golf course road, thereby, helping reduce the danger?

The so-called Mackenbach Road is part of the State Highway L-369. The legal situation of the road was uncertain for many years as the U.S. military had requested release of the road for military use approximately 20 years ago.

However, the military’s position changed over the years for various reasons. The formal process to declare the road an open state road was completed in 2004. The road is scheduled for major repair in 2006 following completion of the Rhein-Main Tran-sition Program.

Under normal circumstances, a behavior as described is unacceptable and can be brought to the attention of the responsible host nation authorities, such as German police, the State Office for Roads and Traffic and the county administration, who do monitor and control the traffic on that road. However, emergency response vehicles (to include tow trucks) may be authorized under certain circumstances to pass a traffic back-up in the aforementioned fashion. Security forces can assist in passing the observation to the German police; it is important to have specific information available such as license plate number and exact time. Thanks for your question.