Commander’s Action Line

I recently took my son to the Vogelweh Barber Shop to receive a hair cut. While I was there, I was also going to have them trim mine and my daughter’s hair. I was politely told by the workers they can not cut women’s hair; that is what the beauty shop is for.

This is the first Army and Air Force Exchange Service location I’ve ever seen reject customers. I was appalled. I have personally had my hair done at several AAFES barber shops and even seen men get their hair cuts at AAFES beauty shops. I request steps be taken to correct this blatant discriminatory behavior.

I appreciate the opportunity to address usage of our AAFES barber shops and especially to correct incorrect answers to customers.

While barber shops do traditionally serve male customers, female customers are permitted to obtain service in the barber shop. We have since spoken to our contractors and asked them to conduct training with the barbers so they provide correct answers in the future.

The haircut price in the barber shop is established after conducting price surveys for male haircuts on the local economy.

If a female customer has a similar hair style as a male, they can obtain the same type haircut service as the males for the $7.50 haircut price which is currently charged.

If the female has shoulder length hair, then they would pay the men’s style cut price which is currently $9.15

Please keep in mind that not all barbers will be experienced in cutting female hair styles, and you may have to wait for a particular barber.