Commander’s Action Line

I am a 22-year senior NCO living in a junior NCO housing unit scheduled for demolition sometime in 2006. I sewed on E-7 while living in my current unit and I’m being told I can put my name on the housing list for a senior NCO unit, and when my name comes up – and should I find the location and unit acceptable – I can move myself (not at government expense). If it is known that I will have to be moved during a certain timeframe, why can’t I be moved at government expense now? There are unaccompanied Army personnel living in housing units on Ramstein on a temporary basis; there are junior enlisted personnel who have better living conditions than my family and I. This is not fair. What policy or operating instruction prohibits a senior NCO from being moved to adequate housing at government expense?

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify housing moves. Government paid moves are controlled by the Joint Forces Travel Regulation, which says a member gets one move into housing.

Directed moves to empty quarters for construction are expensive, so we try to empty buildings by attrition. In this case, we plan to relocate remaining families around June 2006.

Members who are promoted are authorized to go on the respective waiting list, but the move is paid for by the member. In your case, you can either wait until we need to relocate you with a government paid move or you can move yourself when you’re number one on the list. The policy applies to all members regardless of rank.

The only exceptions are individuals moving into positions requiring designated housing (i.e. group commander to vice wing commander or group superintendent to wing command chief).

We are allowing the Army to use a few vacant buildings for contingency lodging until demolition starts. The Army is paying for maintenance and most have up to four unaccompanied members per unit. Further questions should be directed to the KMC housing director at 489-6671.