Commander’s Action Line

I was wondering what happened to all of the bike racks on Ramstein? My guess is that Combat Proud labeled them as “unauthorized” and they were removed? The Ramstein Northside Fitness Center rack was “tucked away” into the rear, while the southside gym doesn’t even have one. Fitness centers without bike racks! And none of the Ramstein buildings have racks, to my knowledge. A rack full of parked bikes isn’t a sight sore. Rather, it encourages others to ride in order to beat the atrocious traffic and nonexistent parking on Ramstein. Hey, we’re in Europe! Bike racks give you front or side row parking wherever you go – it’s a reward! At least it used to be.

We support bikes on Ramstein, but we believe its possible to support bikes and maintain high standards for orderliness. Any bike racks that were removed were either in poor repair or did not comply with base Combat Proud standards. The bike racks cluttered the entrances to facilities or were not located on brick paved pads. We have selected a new architecturally compatible design for the KMC and have the bike racks in stock. Facility managers will be contacted regarding the proper procedures to request a bike rack for their facilities.