Commander’s Action Line

Why are spouses allowed to park in reserved parking spaces? I witnessed a spouse park in a colonel/general officer parking space last week at the exchange while my wife and I searched for a spot. What is the policy on this? If a person other than the military member is seen utilizing these spots, can anything be done?

Thank you for your concern over reserved parking standards. However, as our KMCI 31-204 states, “at service facilities, unless identified for a specific individual, parking spaces identified for generals, colonels, chief master sergeants/sergeant majors and handicapped personnel will only be used by authorized persons or their spouses. All other family members/guests will not use these spaces unless the authorized member is present.”
The spouses of our senior leadership are just as much key players in the success of the units through their support of their spouses and in most cases, through their direct leadership of family programs for the unit. The reserved parking places are a privilege, but are also designed to help these very busy people get their errands done quickly.