Commander’s Action Line

I have concerns about traffic on base. First, the length of the traffic lights on Michigan at Kisling avenues. I sat through several light cycles waiting to get out of housing on several occasions, because the light is only nine seconds long. Since Michigan is the main road out of housing, it gets very backed up and can be dangerous when people continue to drive through the intersection after they lose the green light. The cycle needs to be fixed before a major accident happens there.
In addition, the part of Michigan that turns into one lane near the Southside church needs an actual yield sign for the southbound traffic, because people coming from that direction either do not know, or do not care, what the red arrow pointing their direction means. Lastly, the parking lots behind the Southside post office are difficult to get into and out of, because people waiting for a spot in the lot next to the post office block the intersection and people leaving the other two lots have to stop and wait. I think we need a sign that says “Do not block intersection” and/or a yield sign there for the people turning into the post office lot.

Thank you for your interest in one of Ramstein’s most significant concerns — traffic.
You have three specific comments, and I’ll address each separately. First is the traffic light at Maxwell and Kisling. We evaluated the current lighting sequence and made changes. These changes allow additional time during the peak morning hours for traffic coming from the housing area and will improve afternoon traffic flow for people approaching Kisling from the Burger King area.
As for the signs posted on Maxwell near the south side chapel, these signs are in compliance with German traffic requirements. Base drivers need to remember if the red arrow is in your traffic lane you must yield.
In regards to the Southside post office, we decided to paint the centerline of the road so people realize this is a two way street. These markings should eliminate people blocking the southbound lane.
Thank you for your help as we continue to work very hard to improve the traffic situation on Ramstein to ensure it is a safe place to live and work.