Commander’s Action Line

***image1***Q Since I’ll transit Ramstein Air Base when I return from downrange to home station at Aviano Air Base, I checked out airport shuttle costs at two local Ramstein shuttle companies, as well as the Army MWR’s KMC shuttle service. The two off-base companies charge about $50 to $60 dollars, while the military-owned company charges $175. What is the reason for such a big difference?

A  The local airport shuttle companies quote one price which covers pick up and delivery at your destination. Other charges are added if the rider requires additional stops, such as the armory or a separate lodging facility. The KMC Shuttle charges are based on each individual’s requirements. Personnel returning from downrange are offered exclusive van service for $120, or $175 if the passenger has a weapon.

Exclusive service ensures the rider’s route will not be altered to accommodate other travelers, and the passenger is guaranteed delivery – without additional charges at every stop required, such as the armory and the appropriate lodging facility, even if it is located at another installation.  Of course, travelers who don’t need this dedicated service can take advantage of a discount derived by sharing the fee with other passengers.

•The Commander’s Action Line gives KMC members a direct link to wing leadership. The action line is a way for KMC members to ask a question or express a concern on the policies and procedures of the base, as well as discuss safety and security issues. KMC members are encouraged to use this tool in conjunction with their chain of command. To submit an action line, e-mail with “Action Line” as the subject.