Commander’s Action line

Col. Don

QI recently received a parking ticket in front of the Ramstein Community Center for exceeding the two-hour maximum parking time. The amount of parking in that area does not meet the demand for the amount of personnel that work in that area, so many are forced to park across the street near the community center, the library and other areas. Those buildings have numerous parking spots for two-hour customer only use. Is there any way to free up some of these spots for individuals who need to park in that area for work?      

AThank you for highlighting a concern that many of us at Ramstein share. We are aware that parking near several work centers is a problem and we are working to mitigate these trouble areas.
Currently, the community center has 29 parking spaces that are designated with a two-hour limit and the library has 19.  While those spaces may seem like an easy solution to the parking problem, the community center has two restaurants that will be adversely impacted if many of the two-hour slots are removed.   
There are some other parking options in that area of the base.  These suggestions involve some walking, but limited parking is available at 1) the last two rows in the pool parking lot, which were constructed with wing funds, 2) the parking lot between the North-Side Fitness Center and the golf course, 3) the BX/chapel parking lot and 4) the parking lot north of Bldg. 516.
None of these are ideal but it’s all we can offer near term, and they are surely better than what is offered at the Pentagon (I know from experience).
We are developing a long-term plan for additional parking in the most congested area.  A parking garage is programmed for the new Air Operations Center currently under construction, north of Bldg. 519.  If it is funded, it will provide 262 spaces.  
We are also looking at how we can expand parking south of Bldg. 413.  This will not bring immediate relief, but it should help down the line.

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