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Col. Don

I’m told the base policy prevents installing a satellite and AFN decoder at my office or at my on-base home, which limits my ability to enjoy the full array of AFN-Europe services. So, instead of the full range of audio and video channels, I can only view the standard set. All of the stations are available through the decoder and satellite dish.
Is the only way to receive this programming to live and work off-base?

Thank you for prompting me to get smart on satellite dishes and AFN programming.
In this case, our base policy complies with EUCOM policy. Per EUCOM Directive 15-13, satellite dishes are prohibited on installations that have a cable TV distribution system. All on-base housing in the KMC falls under this directive since we have a cable TV distribution system available at no cost to the resident for basic AFN service. 
On the bright side, however, all personnel are able to pay for additional channels or services through the cable system for home and work areas on base.
While this does not provide you full access to the audio programming available through the AFN decoder, it does offer all of the television channels, several of the audio/radio channels and an additional television channels that decoder users do not have access to.
This is certainly one of the many questions that our military members and their families have to consider when chosing to live on or off-base.

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