Commander’s Action Line

Underage youths were sold tickets to an “R” rated movie, “The Missing.” I was told that Army and Air Force Exchange Service Headquarters reserves the right to change ratings. I strongly disagree with this policy as parents depend on honesty in advertising to make decisions to protect their children.

I appreciate your concern. AAFES made an error on the rating for “The Missing,” but it was not done intentionally. The problem with the movie originated from an error made at the AAFES Motion Picture Office when the movie information was sent to the theaters. The movie was listed as “PG-13” and the theater manager advertised it as such. The information was wrong, the movie was rated “R.” AAFES does not change movie ratings; they strictly follow the movie ratings as given by the Motion Picture Association of America. When the error was found they should have stopped the film, advised the audience of the error and given refunds to those not wishing or authorized to see the film. That is what will occur if such an incident happens again. To prevent typographical errors from perpetuating, local theater management will verify the written ratings online to verify accuracy.